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Oct 20 '14


the world already caters to you and values you. you can handle one website discussing things without you.

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Oct 19 '14




"At Rio Americano High School in Sacramento CA, a student named Dejza, was violently assaulted by a vice principal, Matt Collier, for attempting to take back a piece of art with a political message that the administration didn’t like. She was put in a chokehold and slammed against the desk. When she tried to resist this unlawful abuse of authority, she was slammed and held onto the ground. Matt Collier laid on top of her, crushing her with his weight. Dejza could not breathe, and begged Collier to get off of her. Luckily, another faculty member came in and ended the situation. Dejza went to see a doctor for severe whiplash, and yesterday was her first day of physical therapy. Despite this being blatantly wrong and illegal, the administration has put her on suspension for resisting, and Collier was not disciplined. On the fifth day of her suspension, she will attend a meeting held by bias members of the administration to determine if she will be expelled.

They have tried to silence anyone who speaks out on social media, but today we have gathered in person for a silent sit-in protest.

Dejza has been wronged, and brutalized, and now she is receiving punishment. They’ve tried to silence her. They’ve tried to silence us.” -Grant Wright 

One of my friends Grant posted this on facebook and even though im not in Sacramento I want to help. This girl has been mistreated by a full grown man who may never be punished. I want to help spread awareness. So please, spread this around. Let people know that this is NOT okay. The more support we have, the better. 

i’m so proud to have been a part of this today but you guys please please please please reblog/spread this around any way you possibly can it’s so important and her story needs to be heard by people outside of our city because what this man did is so so so incredibly far from okay

arrest Matt Collier. protect and redeem Dejza.

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Oct 19 '14




Josh Thomas talks about male suicide

I wonder how feminists will react to this

Probably ignore it then go back to making male tears mugs and gifs 

Actually this is a very common idea among feminists

It’s something feminists have been talking about for years it’s called toxic masculinity and it’s one of the common threads among the topic of ‘Patriarchy hurts men too’. If fact the first time I read about toxic masculinity was on a feminist blog.

If you actually read things feminists talk about instead of straw manning them you might know this but OH WELL

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Oct 19 '14





and this is for all the white people that think it’s okay to say nigga

How bout other Races, for example I’m 100 percent Latino. Can the word nigga come out of my mouth?

just dont fucking speak. why the fuck u wanna say it so bad like omg go away you annoyin my life

How are you gonna say the word nigga while asking if you are allowed to say it….y’all non blacks are annoying as fuck.

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Oct 19 '14




straight people be like

what the actual fuck

Not ALL straight people *tips breast*

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Oct 18 '14

BREAKING: Michael Dunn, the convicted murderer of Jordan Davis, has been sentenced to life in prison plus 105 years for the 1st degree murder charges and three attempted murder charges, and a weapons charge. Florida got this one right.


  • IT IS FINISHED. Judge sentences to life in prison for murder, plus 90 years consecutive for other charges.

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Oct 18 '14

BREAKING: After six months being captured, the 200+ schoolgirl hostages of Bobo Haram will be released in a ceasefire agreement, says the Nigerian government.


From : Boko Haram ceasefire includes release of 200+ hostages says Nigerian government

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Oct 18 '14

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but please keep the 16 people that died/were injured at a 4minute concert in your thoughts.


Story here

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Oct 15 '14

Oct 15 '14




     I won’t soon forget the events that took place in #ferguson…will you?

This is amazing.

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Oct 15 '14




The police union held a press conference today to release information about the killing of VonDerrit Myers, whom they described as “no angel.”

Part One

Tuesday, October 14th

people on facebook are trying to say police recovered the gun used in his social media pics on the scene and that the sandwich was stolen……..oh, and somehow he was conveniently covered in GSR on his hands and waistband. because the cops couldn’t have just swiped their own fucking dirty hands on those places and transfered it deliberately.

^^^ I don’t trust their report period.

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Oct 14 '14


rei’s the most important character ever

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Oct 14 '14


[MV] VIXX - “Error” Official MV

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Oct 14 '14

Oct 13 '14

i would like to thank the powers that be for internet labels